Lovely Nubra.. Turtuk and adventurous Khardungla

As I sip my coffee today, I realize that how time is running fast and it’s already going to be a week down the memory lane of the beautiful Ladakh that I witnessed.

Pangong was beautiful while the ride to Nubra was adventurous. I guess we were mentally prepared to a certain extent by what we had already heard… Bumpy roads, a long ride and crazy it is going to be…that was in short the description. Well, none of us got disappointed at all and indeed we experienced all of it in a short while haha.  

The day started with some crazy photo shoot before leaving pangong.  The slow-mo walk and the view just filled each one of us with more determination.

Vroom and we were out on the road for Nubra..  The initial drive was thrilling as it was a different view altogether. We were in the middle of those rustic Mountains.. those rustic roads.. Uff.. Killer impact on the sole of a biker and a pillion as well:)

Well, just like the interval brings the twist in the movie so did the ride change after a while… The roads turned mightier and all that one could feel was ouch… The big stones on the road… Hang on.. Actually just the stones.. No road.. 😂. The ride  was crazy and the view changed in few hours. Double humped camels,  trees and a beautiful view.. Nubra it was 🙂

As fresh as all days our evening was yet again lit with the sound of music and bonfire. The cute little bamboo cottages where we all stayed gave a perfect feeling of being in a valley. The clock ticked and all that continued was crazy laughter, games, dance and music. 

The next day was Turtuk which was supposed to be the place which not all previous groups had visited. We were feeling fortunate and all excited about it.  Not all joined for this ride as more than half of the group was tired from the bumpy yesterday.

This was one of the most beautiful roads. Long seemingly endless road for 3.5 hours. Finally, we reached the Turtuk vilage. We were fortunate to see the Kings palace, daughters of the king,  wedding at the village and what not. Yes, let me not miss on the cutest kids that we were fortunate to see.  “One of the roads less taken which makes you feel so connected to the real world”

Drive back to Nubra and we were glad to meet our friends yet again. The bonfire rejuvenated everyone along with the crazier fights over dumb charades and dancing.
We missed the sand dunes last evening because of Turtuk but did not want to miss on it completely so the morning started with it.  White and huge the place looked. The feeling of it being the last day had also started sinking in somewhere.

Nevertheless, it was time for Khardungla. The much awaited part for many.  The ride was craziest as it ever could be.  The wind started chilling the spines and the nose started being numb.  After craziest ride ever,  Khardungla top it was.  I guess I never felt this happy even after my 10th result. Sense of determination even though I was a pillion.  Kept looking at the mighty mountains like an excited 5 year old. We couldn’t stay there for long as it just got more colder. 

The ride back to Leh was also quiet bumpy. The moment roads became normal like a marathon runner my hands flew in the air.. Voohooo!! Wish I could have taken a selfie😛.

We reached Leh and then it was time for the Tibetan market.  A very interesting place indeed. German bakery, oxidized jewellary, chicken seekh that place has it all. 

The last few hours before we all parted. We sat together and shared our experiences of what this trip meant for each one of us. Everyone shared of the apprehensions,  inquisitiveness and thoughts that they had when they started the journey and how it had been.  

 I guess that moment is going to remain special for everyone. We received our expedition certificate and it was time for us to part ways… As everyone started wishing goodbye it sinked in that it was time to leave… 

The trip ended but the memories remain fresh in my heart. Not sure if all will remain in touch but yes, somewhere they ll be a part of the travel memories for all. 

Dream Riders you are the one who made this trip so memorable and special. Just keep rocking guys..can’t thank you enough:)


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